Santiago – Fis Stew at Rincon Marino

2 thoughts on “Santiago – Fis Stew at Rincon Marino

  1. Excellent questions, Mike! For breakfast, it seems they enjoy coffee, a bread or pastry, fresh fruit or possibly liquado, which is basically a thin smoothie made with fruit and either water or milk. In many places, the mid-day meal is the main one for the day, and schools and businesses may close down so families can eat together. That’s less common in bigger cities.

    How cool that you’re going to Peru and Ecuador! I haven’t been to either, but there’s a really strong Peruvian influence in Chile, since the northern third of Chile was once part of Peru. Generally Chilean (and Argentinian) food isn’t spicy, but the Peruvians use a variety of peppers which makes their food hotter – and some of that influence is in Chile. I’ll be eager to hear what you learn about what people eat in those two countries! Some say Pisco originated in Chile, others say Peru had it first. Maybe you’ll find out!



  2. YUMMM!
    So, with all that seafood for sustenance, is the first meal of the day a European-style coffee and pastry or is there a local specialty?
    And since we will be in Peru and Ecuador this summer, do flavors vary across borders or is there some similarity? Or is it directed more by what is “fresh and local”?


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